Marine Resources Committee – March 7, 2013


Members present: John Dunbar, chair, Dennis DeSilvey, scribe, Aaron Grindle, Tom Reilly.

The meeting was called to order at 1700

Harbor boundary: Discussion continue on the designation of the separation line between the Sedgwick and Brooklin sides of the harbor. The nature of what constituted the “thread of the stream” followed as part of the concept of using the deep water line of the main channel as the designation between the two harbors.  The current ordinance of 1993 also speaks of a line between half tide rock and the low water at Means Point. Discussion will continue at the next meeting

Mooring list: Review was then done of the mooring list and a review of those who had not paid for 2012. This remains a continued problem and the committee will continue to address the matter. The committee then moved to a discussion regarding the non-transferability of moorings. This would allow a family to retian a mooring but they could not pass the mooring to an friend or someone purchasing their property. At the time of sale the new owner would need to go on the waiting list.

We also have a moratorium in effect on the issuance of any new non-resident moorings. For the purposes of this discussion a non-resident is someone who does not own land and pay taxes on such land in Sedgwick.

Unpaid mooring fees: Discussion followed regarding unpaid mooring fees.

It was moved and seconded and discussion followed  the “ If a mooring fee has not been paid for two years the mooring assigned to the registrant may be hauled at the expense of the owner.” The registrant will be notified by letter of the intent to haul the mooring and requested to pay all current and past fees by July 1 of the current year.

Discussion then followed regarding the process of approving new moorings. The consensus of the Committee was that approval should rest with the  Harbor Committee and not with the Harbor Master. This would give the Committee much better oversight of the moorings and the ability to plan the future development of the harbor and the mooring fields. Requests for moorings would be submitted to the Committee and would be approved according to a waiting list and appropriate allocation of resident and non-resident moorings. John Dunbar will discuss this matter with Billy Grant the Harbormaster.

There being no further discussion the meeting was adjourned at 1800

The next meeting will be July 6, 2013 at 1700

Dennis DeSilvey Recording Secretary