Marine Resources Committee – June 1, 2017


June 1, 2017

Members present: Dennis DeSilvey, Bill Sweetland,. Eric Sass, Steve Blaisdell, Pete Douvarjo

Absent: Brian Tripp

Duane Ford, Deputy Harbormaster, Colby Pert representing the Selectmen.

Minutes of the May meeting were reviewed and approved with the addition that the new mooring and dinghy fees were discussed at the May meeting.

Discussion followed regarding the progress on the erosion control measures for the bank at the town landing, Mr. Ford has had extensive discussions regarding the plans for the project and will continue to work on the project. Steve Blaisdel had a number of very good suggestions from and engineering perspective which will be taken into consideration as the plans move forward.

Discussion followed regarding the float at the end of the dock. Steve Blaisdel noted that in high winds the current dock is about all the supports for the dock can handle and a larger float might present significant challenges in terms of wind resistance. This much be a consideration as planning moves forward. Colby Pert noted that funds are not currently available and will not be considered until the fall.

Current mooring and dinghy permits were briefly discussed. The marine Resources Committee will develop a plan to tactfully notify those who have not paid by a reasonable date during the summer.

We will also be looking into replacing the rub rail on the dinghy floats. The rail is badly worn or absent in several locations on the dock.

There was some consideration of installing the old ramp along the walk way at the beginning of the dock and Steve and Billy Grant will look into the possibility of doing that in the future given the smaller footprint of the new dock access.

The meeting was adjourned at 1800.

The next meeting will be on July 6, 2017 at 1700

Dennis DeSilvey, Chair.