Broadband Communications Committee

The Town of Sedgwick has commenced a community-driven planning process through the establishment of a Broadband Communications Committee (BCC). Looking to meet the current and future broadband needs of the community, and ensure equitable access, that is universally available. We seek to widely expand infrastructure that brings affordable and reliable connectivity.

The Town of Sedgwick Broadband Communications Committee (BCC) recognizes the importance of making affordable and reliable high-speed internet available to all residents and businesses. It is understood that having improved broadband is vital to businesses, both large and small, students and teachers, those seeking telehealth/aging-in-place options, and those who want to pursue community and civic engagement.
Therefore, the Committee will:

  1. Identify, promote, facilitate, and accelerate improvements to broadband infrastructure in Sedgwick.
  2. Collect and maintain comprehensive information on the state of broadband in households, businesses, schools, and public gathering areas in Sedgwick.
  3. Identify the areas in Sedgwick most in need of improved broadband services.
  4. Identify and pursue public and private funding opportunities to improve infrastructure in the most efficient manner possible.

Contact the selectmen if you would like to learn more:

Michael Sheahan (207) 266-1577
Bob Publicover (207) 359-8098
Ben Astbury (207) 479-4421


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