Marine Resources Committee – July 7, 2022

SEDGWICK, MAINE July 7, 2022

Members present: Chairman Desmond Ashman, Steve Blaisdell, Tony Everdell, Eric Sass

Meeting was held at the town office at 5 p.m.

Cindy Reilly was asked if we would regulate the use of jet skis in the harbor. The Harbor
Master answered “no” and the Committee agreed.

Committee rejected placing a picnic table on the land above the bluff due to the potential
issues with garbage. Decided a bench would be more appropriate and Ben Ashbury offered
granite slabs at the Town Office for that use if we want. Steve Blaisdell built a bench for that purpose.

The Dock budget account has approximately $40,000 with more to come with mooring and
dinghy dock registrations.

Selectmen approved Brian, Justin, and Desmond’s building one or two new dinghy floats.
They just require a list of materials.

Desmond will ask Tobey Woodward about the cost to remove the old dock in the mud next to
the boat ramp.

Desmond will arrange for the granite mooring on the beach to be used to anchor the new
length of dinghy docks.

The Selectmen have agreed to discuss the large harbor signage as proposed by the

Committee decided, with the concurrence of the Harbor Master, that the dinghies left on land are not a problem.

Desmond will arrange for Paul Carter to deliver 4 yards of 3/4” stone for the edge of tar to preserve the edges from erosion. The Selectmen approved renting a tractor at $75-85/hr and members of the Committee will do the hand labor.

Minutes approved unanimously on October 6, 2022