Marine Resources Committee – July 1, 2021

SEDGWICK, MAINE  July 1, 2021

Members present: Chairman Desmond Ashman, Brian Tripp, and Eric Sass; also in attendance selectman Bob Publicover.

Meeting was held at the town dock at 5 p.m.

Eric Sass pointed out that there were 11 boats tied to finger floats with no permit stickers, and offered to leave notes in them reminding people they have to one.
Committee agreed that should be done.

Motion made and passed to put bumpers or rub rail on the new main float to protect it. All in favor.

Discussed re-lettering commercial use only sign on last float and no tie-up zone on east side of first finger float to minimize boats blocking face of main float. All in agreement this should be done.

Discussed the condition of the road and parking lot. Will talk with the road commissioner to see what we can do.

Had a discussion about making the bulkhead bigger to help in loading boats. Decided at the next meeting to install solar flood lights and re-lettering and rub rail.

The meeting was adjourned at 6 p.m.

Submitted by Desmond Ashman, Chairman