Marine Resources Committee – July 14, 2016


July 14, 2016

Members present: Dennis DeSilvey, Bill Sweetland, John Higgins, Duane Ford

Excused: Pete Douvarjo, Brian Tripp

Selectmen: Colby Pert, Ben Astbury

Guest: Diana Marston Wood

The meeting was called to order at 1700

Initial discussion focused on the dock project. The final plans have been approved and are ready to go
out to bid. The DOT has done a very thorough review of the plans and the bidding process. Requests for
bids will go in the local papers and be reviewed by the Selectmen once they are submitted. Stabilization
of the erosion caused by the recent storm will also be included in the project.

Attention was then given to Title 38 which is the State Title section dealing with the regulation of
harbors. Copies will be sent to the members of the committee along with the current Harbor Ordinance.

Discussion the followed on the current status of dinghy permits and parking. The increased number of
inflatable boats was mentions as the all are 5 feet wide and take up considerable space on the dock.
Consideration was given to adding an additional section to the dock and concentrating the dinghy and
commercial docking areas into separate zones on the dock.

The committee recommended that the Selectmen consider addition an additional dock section to
relieve crowding at the current dock

Dennis DeSilvey will also contact the Jonklaas family regarding whether they would consider selling the
area currently used for parking to the town. We are currently over half was through a 100 years lease
but the town would like to secure ownership of the parking area.

Mooring and other fees were then discussed. Sample fees for Brooksville were reviewed. It was felt that
we should set our own fees and not follow the example of other harbors since we have to make the
harbor more self-sustaining and provide of future improvements. The recommendation was made and
seconded and approved to renumber all of our current moorings to make allocation of new moorings
more in line with harbor regulations.

Discussion then followed regarding commercial use of the dock and what could be done to expand the
current “footprint” of the dock to accommodate commercial fishermen. There was also discussion
regarding the use of the dock by non-resident boats and how to regulate and be compensated for this

Ms. Marston Wood then discussed to Shore Road access. She commented that she gave to town a right
of way across her property to the beach which her family owns. She discussed regulation of the tie outs
and access and agreed that there is a small parking area up the road and also that there is a well on
Town land that is used by one of the two homes at the end of the road. (Note in subsequent discussion
with Colby Pert he informed me that the Town owns the right of way and the beach and that there has
been considerable legal documentation of the town’s ownership)

Above included to document this in the minutes.

The meeting concluded at 1815

Next meeting August 11,2016 at 1700

Dennis DeSilvey, Chair and Scribe.