Marine Resources Committee – August 11, 2016


AUGUST 11, 2016

MEMBERS PRESENT: Dennis DeSilvey, Chair; Bill Sweetland, Pete Douvarjo,  John Higgins, Brian Tripp, Duane Ford, Deputy Harbormaster

The meeting was called to order at 1700

Minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and accepted

Discussion then focused on the dock project. Bids have been requested but no bids had been offered. Several members of the committee agreed to contact potential contractors to request bids. Jean Paul from the DOT has been carefully monitoring the bidding process and award process.

Bill Sweetland recommended that we consider expanding the concrete portion of the abutment for the dock to include the current footprint of the granite blocks. That would give a much more suitable access for fueling and also for accessing the dock when there is a fueling truck on the dock. This would make the end of the dock 12 feet wide which is a much more suitable width for dock access. Bill will talk to Andrew McCullough regarding this recommendation. The committee agreed with the suggestion

Discussion then focused on the status of the dock for this summer. There has been a large Boston Whaler tied to the dock for several days despite the Harbormaster telling the owner that he could not have a mooring and dock space. That vessel has since been moved.

Bill Sweetland then mentioned the difficulty getting to the dock this summer and suggestions were made to remedy the situation

It was recommended and approved that the selectmen consider adding another finger to the current dinghy dock

Discussion then focused on the trash situation and efforts will be made to encourage people to take their trash home and also consideration to a twice weekly pickup.

There was then a brief discussion of mooring fees which will be reviewed at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 1800

The next meeting will be September 8, 2016