Marine Resources Committee – September 8, 2016


Members present: Dennis Desilvey, Bill Sweetland, Pete Douvarjo, Brian Tripp, John Higgins

Deputy Harbor master; Duane Ford

Selectmen: Colby Pert, Ben Asbury

The meeting was called to order at 1700 hours.

Minutes of the previous meeting were not available and will be reviewed at the next meeting

A proposed increase in the mooring and dinghy fees was presented by the chair, DeSilvey. This was reviewed by the committee and Bill Sweetland recommended that we consider the fees and review them again at the next meeting. All agreed on that being the best course of action.

Discussion then followed regarding increasing the number of floats for dinghy tie ups and it was recommended that an additional float be added and this recommendation was passed to the Selectmen.

Discussion then followed regarding signage for parking for vehicles with trailers and such signs will be developed and installed.  Neil Davis recommended that we contact Dave Carter Road Commissioner, to install such signs.

Discussion then focused on improving the parking area. It has been determined that the town had a permanent easement for the use of lands 100 feet on either side of the current dock access and this can be improved for additional parking. Efforts will be made to clear the additional parking for use by persons wishing to access the harbor.

The meeting was then adjourned; the next meeting will be October 13, 2016

Dennis DeSilvey, Chair and recording secretary.