Harbor Committee – November 3, 2014


MEMBERS PRESENT: John Dunbar Chairman, Dennis DeSilvey Secretary, Duane Ford, Deputy Harbormaster, Tom Reilly

Absent: Bill Sweetland, John Higgins

Minutes of the previous meeting were moved and seconded and approved by vote.

Discussion then followed about amending the ordinance to reflect the recommendations for the harbor boundaries. The recommendation to be submitted is that:

Amend section 2.1 to read:

Regulation under the ordinance shall extend only to certain portions of the Benjamin River, the limits of which are: Northeasterly from a point inthe channel off Job’s Bar in the Benjamin River found at

N 44.17.724, W 68.37.310

To a point off Means Point across from Benjamin River Marine found at:

N 44.17.592, W 68.37.702

Thence northwesterly and southerly following the shoreline back to the starting point off Job’s Bar. This boundary betweenSedgwick and Brooklin pertains only to the regulation of harbor use.The Selectmen, upon request of the Harbor Resources Committee, shall periodically review areas established under this section and make amendments to existing areas, establish new areas,of eliminate areas made irrelevant by existing conditions.

There then followed discussion of expanding the area of regulation of the Sedgwick harbors to include Sargentville and areas along the coastal waters of Sedgwick. This will be discussed at future meetings.

There followed discussion of the provision for a commercial dock space for the vessels that serve the lobster fleet and other commercial users. This will be discussed at a future meeting.

There was discussion of additional recommendations for amendments to the Harbor Ordinance. These will include:

Amend section 13.3 to read:

Only one (1) dinghy permit will be issued per household. The permits will be issued to holders of valid resident mooring permits who have a boat currently registered in Sedgwick.

Amend section 13.4 to read:

Nonresident permits will be issued on a space available basis as determined by the Harbormaster. Once issue, nonresident dock permits may be renewed indefinitely as long as kept current ( fee paid by May 31) and not transferred.

Delete sections 13.5 and 13.6

A discussion then followed regarding a letter to be sent to current mooring holders inthe spring. The letter was approved in contest and amended to include comment about marking moorings and the need for mooring inspections.

The meeting was then adjourned and the next meeting will be November 4th.

DennisDeSilvey, RecordingSecretary.