Town Office Garden

A benefactor who wishes to be remain anonymous has offered to help beautify the grounds of the town office. Matthew Cunningham, a landscape designer from Boston, donated his time and labor to design a garden. To see Matthew’s plan, click the link below. (The plan is also on display at the town office.) There is now $1,400 in the “Sedgwick Garden” account, $1,000 from our anonymous donor and $400 from the Brooklin Garden Club, with possibly a bit more to come from community grants from Walmart and Lowe’s. Donations to the garden are welcome. Call the town office, 359-2275, for more information. For more about Matthew, visit Many thanks are due to Matthew for his generosity and his beautiful plan, as well as to the ever helpful and community-minded Brooklin Garden Club members and to our benefactor for his grace and interest.

Town Office Garden Plans