Marine Resources Committee – June 4, 2015

Marine Resources Committee, Sedgwick, Maine

June 4, 2015

Members present: Pete Douvarjo, Bill Sweetland, Doug Wollman, Dennis DeSilvey Chair
Selectmen, Neil Davis, Nelson Grindal, Ben Astbury, committee representative
Dwayne Ford, Deputy Harbormaster

The meeting was called to order at 1700

Minutes of the previous meeting of May 7th were moved, seconded, and approved

Then followed an open discussion with the selectmen regarding what their expectations are regarding the harbor and harbor management. Neil Davis stated that it was the expectation of the selectmen that the harbor would run even and meet its annual operating costs.

Discussion followed regarding the SHIP grant. The selectmen had met with the state representatives managing the grant and were told that the grant would require that the walkway be 6 feet wide and that a complicated and costly ramp system would be required to provide handicapped accessibility to the dock. We would be required to follow the federal guidelines for repairing the existing dock. There was extensive discussion regarding the necessity of such reconstruction and the potential additional cost to meet the federal guidelines.

There was a brief digression to discuss the role of the committee regarding additional shore access points held by the town and what role the committee might have in developing those access points.

Nelson Grindal then returned to the significant requirements of the state if Sedgwick were to accept the SHIP funds. He also noted that we would have to put the entire project out to bid when qualified persons exist within the town the make the repairs. The question is to what extent the town is “grandfathered” in for the current dock configuration and whether the insurance carrier will accept improvements and structural modifications to the existing dock configuration.

Dennis DeSilvey will reach out to the insurance carrier to see what their requirement are ( that has been done but no reply to date).

There was then discussion of the extent to which the Corp of Engineers would want input. ( Dennis Desilvey has since spoken with Jeff Clement of the Corps and Mr. Clement felt that they would have no problem with improvements to the current dock as long as we coordinated with any appropriate concerns for the Corps)

There followed a discussion of the future of the harbor and collaboration with Brooklin on management It was agreed the Brooklin resident should pay the $300 fee agreed upon with Ms Brewster at a previous meeting of the committee.

There was also a sentiment that mooring and dinghy fees should be paid by a certain date such as march or April 1st and that a letter should go out to the mooring owners regarding the payments.

The meeting adjourned at 1615

The next meeting will be July 9, 2015 1700 town office.