Selectmen’s minutes, Thurs., Oct. 22, 2009




October 22, 2009

  Selectman Grindal opened the meeting at 6:30 pm.  Present were Selectmen Grindal, Jagger and Smith.  Also present were Barbara Eastman, president of Covenant Community Land Trust (CCLT), Raymond Gale, vice president of CCLT, and assistant Barbara Grindle.  

1)                 Approved the minutes of the last meeting.

2)                 The representatives from CCLT were in to bring the selectmen up to date on their attempts to pay up the taxes on the covenant lands.  They also explained the set up of the organization and some of the problems they have encountered in recent years.  This group is not HOME Co-op as had been understood, in fact, they are organized to run the four developments started by HOME.  Since the banks have taken over the financing of the homes, the taxes on the land have not been escrowed with the mortgages and the result has been mass confusion among the homeowners.  They are now looking into ways to work with HOME and Blue Hill Heritage Trust and seek grants to help with the maintenance and taxes.  Both HOME and BHHT have covenants upon the Sedgwick land.  The selectmen agreed to work with the group to get their land taxes paid.  Taxes on the individual homes are the responsibility of the homeowners.   

3)                 Grindal has a meeting with DOT regarding the condition of the roads.  Smith is to take photos of the worst spots and Jagger is to designate which roads they are to view.

4)                 We need to set up time for a Town Meeting for the taxpayers of the town to approve the taking of the roadway to Walker Pond from Blue Hill Heritage Trust and Basil Ladd and the payments to each.  As soon as the design for the roads is approved by Sedgwick and Brooksville selectmen, the Sedgwick selectmen will start the town meeting process.   

5)                 Snow Contractor Andy Gray is all ready for the winter plowing and sanding.

6)            Selectmen started work on the budget for 2010-2011.  

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

                                      Victor Smith, 3rd Selectman