Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes 05/30/2024

Town of Sedgwick

Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes

Thursday May 30, 2024


Opened the meeting and established a quorum. S. Ford and C. Pert present. Also in attendance: D. Ford and L. Dow. D. Ross, Superintendent; S. Everdell, W. Flagg, and A. Cole; Schoolboard and L. Schnieder, G. Schnieder and J. Wetterskog from the public.


Read and approve minutes from the May 23rd meeting- tabled until next week.


CEO deferred to the schoolboard discussion with L. Schnieder.



Duane received a call from Russell Brown, plumber, to check the new plumbing at the Charboneau residents. Duane reviewed several shorefront properties at Sea Shore Lane. He replied to Fred Cole about visiting his property at Salt Pond, Mr. Cole believes he needs a meeting and/or advice. Ben Astbury called to discuss a proposed 24×40 ft storage building. Duane dropped off a building notification form to him. Blake Swensrud at 16 Stone Turtle Dr. called to ask about downed trees at the shore. Duane went over and discussed needing a plan for replacement of the extensive steps to the shore. Gale Flax at 181 Rope Ferry Road called to ask about specification s for drywall between structures. Steve, of Freedom Solar called to ask if final inspection is needed on a new solar unit at 30 Covenant way. Duane received a call from the Town Office about a septic system permit John Herrick dropped off for an old Cooper Farm Road lot on Walker Pond. The sea wall at Carter Point Road is complete aside from some landscaping, but it looks great.



  1. Special Education/School Budget effect on town requested by town citizens discussion- Leslie Schnieder lead a discussion (Paul Trowbridge absent) regarding the increase in the Schools Budget this year, specifically the increase in Special Education costs. She asked about the breakdown of costs for special education, how many kids were in the program and what qualified a student for the program. She wondered how many kids from other schools were utilizing the program in Sedgwick, and how did those costs affect the Sedgwick taxpayers. Dan Ross accompanied by three members of the school board explained in detail the mandates by the State as well as clarifying that the sending schools paid for their own student’s special education, just as they pay the tuition for students to attend the Sedgwick Elementary. There are many factors that contribute to a student attending in Special Education and as previously stated, those factors are mandated by the State and the schools have no decision on. He went on to say that the Special Education program is designed to be a resource that kids use for a limited time but that is not always the case. He explained that the schools are responsible for kids identified for Special Education from aged 5 to 22 and by 2027 the mandate will drop from age 5 to age 3. Leslie then asked about a recent ad in the weekly paper for many positions in the school which she believed meant that there may be some turmoil at the school. One being a need for a new principal, an unanticipated vacancy. Mr. Ross and Mr. Cole explained that in a small school system when multiple positions become vacant it can appear as though there may be trouble, but that isn’t necessarily the case for all the positions in School Union 76, a couple of the teachers are at retirement age. Leslie was concerned about the competitive wage/benefit package advertised and wondered how that would affect the budget laid out in January. The budget has remained the same, with the exception of the added article that needs legislative body approval to access of reserve funds for boiler system replacement. Leslie thanked the members of the School Board and the Superintendent for their time and for clarifying things for her.
  2. Town Report Update- Susan has proofread and made corrections- all that’s left is to drop in the taxpayer list and cover photo as well as the audit if it is ready in time. Must be sent to the printers by June 7th.
  3. Audit Update- Ron did the final prep at the office today and thinks it should be completed within the week contingent on James Wadman being able to review and signoff.



  1. Nothing more has been done at the town wharf. Waiting for more info.
  2. Peter Woodward was at the Town Office taking measurements and asked about the bulkhead door. Colby recommended a cost comparison to repair the wooden door or to replace with a Bilko steel door which would probably entail putting in new stone etc. That cost may be covered under the grant- Susan would check on the balance.



Jerry Wetterskog asked if there was a way to put out a notice that folks needed to obtain a notification form before starting building projects. Updating the website and putting classified in the paper.



Motioned and 2nd to adjourn. Approved 2-0 at 6:53pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Lyndsey Dow


approved 2-0 06/07/2024