Selectmen’s Meeting, February 2, 2023

Select Board Meeting February 2, 2023
Called the meeting to order and declared a quorum at 6 pm.
Members present: Michael Sheahan, Ben Astbury, Colby Pert
Also present: Duane Ford, Susan Ford, Barbara Grindle, Brock Muir, Donna Beninati
Present by conference call: Jerry Wetterskog

Minutes for January 26 approved as written

CEO Report:
1/19-30 Carpenters at Ingram property on Byard Cove shore wanted to do “pavers” in front of the cottage. It’s right on the shore banking and does not meet required set-back. Had told them that before and had to repeat that nothing was to be put on the ground in front of the cottage (less than 75’ from the ocean shore) that meets DEP definition of a structure. And ‘pavers’ meet that definition.
1/29-30 Dealt with State Fire Marshall’s office over expiring Code Enforcement Certifications. Dealing with Shannon Quintal in Augusta over paperwork. Had to be updated by 01/31/22.
1/30 Got request for copy of septic work on Herrick Property at Sis Porter Rd. Made HHE 200 copies and emailed to Contractor.
2/2 Also answered same request from Dale Basher at Down East Community Partners in Ellsworth.
2/1 Had several calls from Bobby Gray as sub for RH Foster about Boy property in Fox Woods subdivision. Mr. Gray is trying to sort out permit situations after previous plumbing/heating contractor seems to have left the job.

1) Audit Preparation Progress: Received an email update from Dan Ross. Was supposed to present budget to select board tonight. Once we get through this year’s process, we’ll have to have discussions with Wadman’s about their ability to conduct the town’s audit in a timely manner. Ben discussed hypothetical town meeting dates with Ron at Wadmans, and it looks like May. Motion to hold election as scheduled and have a second warrant for the business meeting at a later date. All in favor.
2) Budget Considerations: Raises for town employees should wait until budget is more favorable to taxpayers; this may be a tough year for that. Since the budget committee made the proposal, we’ll continue with this discussion as we get more information from the school committee and the superintendent in the weeks ahead.
3) Community Resilience Partnership Grant: Sheahan discussed energy efficiency upgrades to Sedgwick School with Mike Sealander. His assessment of the school’s needs dates back to 2019 and cost estimates will be out of date. Agreed with Sealander that upgrades to classroom lighting would be the best fit for the funds available from the Community Resilience Partnership since whatever funds are available could be applied to LED upgrades on a classroom by classroom basis. Sheahan will check with Efficiency Maine about rebates available for this.
4) Unresolved: Ben will check in on the town office during the cold snap this weekend.
5) Brock Muir of the GSA finance committee attended the meeting to listen and hand out latest GSA information.

Adjourned at 7:55