Selectmen’s Meeting, February 9, 2023

Minutes for Select Board Meeting on February 9, 2023



Called the meeting to order and declared a quorum at 6pm.


Minutes for meeting on February 2nd accepted as written.  All in favor.


Members present:  Michael Sheahan, Colby Pert, Ben Astbury

Also present:  Barbara Grindle, Duane Ford, Susan Ford, Donna Beninati, Jerry Wetterskog, Leslie Schneider, Gary Schneider, Clint Weed


CEO Report:  Went to Walker Pond to check on new construction at several sites on 2/5.

1)     Montana people site is quiet now as new construction suspended until spring.

2)     Oregon people are still buttoning up new two story structure.  Solar panel system is installed.

3)     Darrell Brown new shop building is framed in now and distance from pond is measured out at over 250’ from the shore.

2/6 Town clerk was processing internal plumbing permit that Bobby Gray brought in from 39 Fox Ln.  Will get the form from her when she returns to the office.

Resident at the end of Carter Point asks that a fallen/hung up tree be taken down.  (Astbury will check it out.)


Discussion items:

Town meeting warrant articles:  Went over articles in numerical order to correct typos and inconsistencies.  Discussed the best method to introduce possible raises for municipal employees in the warrant.  The article that authorizes and lists the compensation to town officials could have updated numbers that reflect a raise in pay.  The article could then be discussed on its merits with the legislative body.  If the article does not pass, it could be amended to the current rate of pay.  The article raising funds for the Adminstration account, from which municipal pay is deducted, would also need to be amended if the previous article authorizing a raise does not pass.

Waiting for an update from the school board and superintendent on the state of the school budget and the audit before discussing use of undesignated funds for town warrant articles.


Clint Weed present to complain about neighbor’s failing septic system and wants the town to act in some way to solve the issue.  CEO Ford explained that the town’s hands are tied as neighbors have engaged legal counsel on the matter since Weed was the previous owner of the property with the failed septic system.

Motion for CEO Ford to call town attorney to discuss town’s involvement in the matter.

All in favor.


Motion to adjourn at 6:59.  All in favor.