Planning Board Special Meeting, June 18, 2015



June 18, 2015


            The Sedgwick Planning Board met at 7 pm for a special meeting to discuss the permit application for Caterpillar Hill Initiative and the property sale of two members of the planning board.


            The meeting was opened and a quorum was established.  Planning Board members present:  Chairman John Allen, Richard Duffy, Robert Jones, Peter Neill, Peter Atherton and Barbara Grindle alternates.  Also present:  Selectmen Ben Astbury, Nelson Grindal, Neil Davis, reporter Anne Berleant, Kelly Mitchell, Patricia Egan, Nielsen van Duijn, CEO Duane Ford, Dylan Howard.


            Opened the meeting and van Duijn passed out revised parking designs, putting 16 cars off the town road instead of at the top of the hill, to replace page two of the application.  They are asking for a permit for a temporary platform with a date of May 31, 2017.  They will need to return if the platform is to become permanent.  They will work with the town engineer on the lower parking area if they need it.  They will also return with a $1 million insurance policy.  It was moved to approve the temporary permit pending the design of a new parking area.  The permit will be temporary to May 31, 2017 and no further work may be done until they have the permanent permit.  Allen made the motion to accept the application as presented.  Peter Neill will write the motion:

            Move to accept proposal for temporary deck engineered to insurance specifications, term limited to May 31, 2017, augmented by porta-potties and screenings as proposed, with parking to be provided at bottom of property as proposed with erosion control approved by Sedgwick town engineer, with the town provided with liability insurance adequate for uses proposed for the term of the limited temporary permit.  Any changes or failure to meet these conditions at any time constitutes a breech of permit that, unless rectified in 30 days, would result in ceased operations.


            OTHER BUSINESS:  Signed letter giving permission for the land transfer.  Moved to do away with the 30-day waiting period this time only.  Duffy and Jones recused themselves and chairman Allen asked the two alternates to vote.  The vote was unanimous to approve the sale of Duffy’s home and a portion of his land to Jones.


            ADJOURNED:  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


                                    Barbara Grindle, Secretary