Planning Board Meeting, 11 April 2023

Planning Board Minutes                                 11 April 2023


Called to order: 19:02


Members present: John Woodward,  David Carter, Richard Doane, Drew Allen,, Michael Rossney,Andy Bowes


Others present: CEO Ford, Donna Beninati, S/L Pert, Jerry Weterskog


Michael Rossney was appointed chairman for the meeting


Chairman stated that there was a quorum.


Motion made and seconded to approve prvious minutes. Motion passed.


Old Business: Donna Beninati feels that time constrants may hinder members from gathering data. Feels that hiring a consultant will be necessary. Hancock County Planning Commission can also be a source for collecting data. Members will review survey.


New Business:

David Carter feels that we need a single chairman. Motion made and seconded to elect Jon Woodward chairman. Motion passed.


CEO Report:

Brooklin planning board is busy.


Looks like state regulations govern food trucks


Motion made and seconded to adjourn. Motion passed. Adjourned at 20:00.


Respectfully submitted,

David A. Carter