Planning Board Minutes 10/11/22



Planning Board Minutes


Called to order: 19:08


Members present: David Carter, , John Woodward, Drew Allen


Others present: CEO Duane Ford,  SL Pert


Motion made and seconded to make John Woodward as chairman for meeting. Motion passed.


Chairman WQoodward stated that there was a quorum.


Motion made and seconded to accept August 2022 minutes as read. Motion passed.


Old Business:


Black Pond issue. DEP looking into. Nothing heard back.


New business:




CEO Report:


State working towards legislation regarding short term rentals.


CEO mentioned to Darrell Brown about re-planting trees.


Discussion of other Walker Pond projects.


CEO mentioned 2 other projects in the works.


Motion made and seconded to adjourn. Motion passed. Adjourned at 19:36.


Respectfully submitted,

David A. Carter