Planning Board Minutes, June 9, 2015



June 9, 2015


Opened the meeting and established a quorum present.  Planning Board members present:  Chairman John Allen, Michael Rossney, Richard Duffy, Peter Neill, Robert Jones, alternates Peter Atherton and Barbara Grindle, secretary.             Also present:  Packet reporter Anne Berleant, Selectmen Nelson Grindal, Ben Astbury, Neil Davis, CEO Duane Ford, Dylan Howard, Kelly Mitchell, Nielsen van Duijn, Palmer Little and 13 others for the public hearing.


There was no meeting last month because of a lack of quorum. 


PUBLIC HEARING:  At 7:15 pm the public hearing was opened for the application of the Caterpillar Hill Initiative to be reviewed.  They want a permit for a temporary platform, 48’ in diameter, made of wood.  It will be 4’ off the ground at the highest place.  It will be built on the existing cistern base.  If they want a permanent platform, they will return for another permit.  Chairman Allen opened the hearing for questions from any of the 12-13 persons present for the hearing.  There were questions about the driveway at the front of the gallery; it is grandfathered but they want to reconfigure it.  Most of the parking would be in front of the concrete building.  There would be parking area for 13 spaces.  They would use an existing road and park on the ledges.  A question about lighting – there would not be any lights as the plans are now, no events are planned for after sunset.  They will check with the insurance company about requirements.  Current plans are for Friday night book and film forums, art classes, Saturday evening concerts from 5-7 pm and Sunday educational classes.  Little asked about admission for concerts, this is a non-profit organization so admission would be donations only.  Neill and Jones feel this is an incomplete application; there are no plans for future construction, no business plan, no assurance of sound, erosion or lighting plans, sanitary facilities, or DOT permits for the driveways or parking.  The Planning Board is concerned with the safety of the project, both for the public and for the town.  Duffy moved that the Board meet again in a week or ten days after they have had a chance to read and review the application.  Rossney seconded the motion.  The vote was 3-2 and a meeting was set for June 18 at 7 pm.     

The public hearing was closed at 8:45 pm.


NEW BUSINESS:  The regular meeting of the Planning Board resumed and Mia and Al Strong asked about necessary permits for them to have a food truck and music at Strong Brewing Company on Friday evenings.  They were advised that no town permits were needed.

Planning Board member Richard Duffy asked about selling his house and a piece of his property to Planning Board member Robert Jones.  Because the property is part of the vacated subdivision and the time is less than five years, the title company wants signatures of the planning board giving him permission for the sale.  The motion was made and approved for Duffy to get a letter from his lawyer for them to sign.


ADJOURN:  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm.


                                    Barbara Grindle, Secretary