Planning Board Minutes, November 9, 2010



November 9, 2010


Board members present:  Chairman Palmer Little, John Allen, David Webb, Alternate James Wood, Secretary Sylvia Wardwell, Michael Rossney


Also present:  Lee Patten, CEO Duane Ford, Charlie Wiggins, Assistant to the Selectmen Barbara Grindle


            Chairman Little spoke with Gordon Gianinnato about the cell tower.  Mr Gianinnato has received a call from the company that wishes to contract for it, and they hope to be in for the December meeting for a January review. 


            CEO Ford is concerned about the new state building code because  it is causing a great deal of confusion.  Sedgwick is exempt from the code until the population of town reaches 2,000 residents.  Blue Hill will not be exempt.  The inspectors will be TPIs (third party inspectors).  Ford will be taking some of the training and is already qualified in some of the other



            The wind tower moratorium was approved by the voters at the Nov. 2 election.  If any resident is interested in serving on the ordinance committee, please contact Barbara at the Town Office.  The moratorium is in effect for 180 days with the option of another 180 days if necessary, but hopefully it will be ready for the Town Meeting in March to avoid the need for a special election.


            Chairman Little also reviewed the proposed fee structures for the Shoreland Zone and Site Plan ordinances.

   Small (additions to existing structures, etc.) $45

    Medium (30 % increase, additional building) $100

   Large (commercial, undeveloped lots) $200

The Subdivision Ordinance was updated a few years ago.  More discussion is welcome from the Boards and the public.  Little will present the proposal to the Selectmen.


            The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.


                                       Barbara Grindle, Assistant to the Selectmen