Planning Board Minutes, Jan. 14, 2020

14 January 2020

Planning Board Minutes

Called to order: 19:00

Members present: Acting Chairman Michael Rossney, David Carter, Richard Doane, Peter Neill, Peter Atherton, Danny Weed

Others present: CEO Duane Ford, Selectmen Liason Publicover, Jilian Tripp

Acting Chairman Rossney stated that there was a quorum

Motion made and seconded to accept December 2019 minutes as read. Motion passed.

Old Business:
Final updated Planning Board contact list was distributed to the members.

New business:
Jillian Tripp addressed board with questions and concerns about project at 159 Carter Point Road regarding shoreland zoning issue and plumbing permit. She also had concerns over repairs to boathouse and failure to maintain buffer zone at 168 Carter Point Road. CEO to investigate further.

Motion was made and seconded to send letter to selectmen regarding possible violation of permit for repair of foundation at 168 Carter Point Road. Motion passed.

CEO Report: CEO Ford reported that property owner at 7 Harding Lane is waiting for DEP permit before coming to planning board for permit.

CEO working with landowner on access issue at Harding Lane.

Motion made and seconded to adjourn, Motion passed. Adjourned at 20;47.

Respectfully submitted,
David A. Carter