Planning Board Minutes, Dec. 10, 2019

10 December 2019

Planning Board Minutes

Called to order: 19:00

Members present: Acting Chairman Michael Rossney, David Carter, Richard Doane, Peter Neill, Peter Atherton, Danny Weed, Andy Bowes,

Others present: CEO Duane Ford

Acting Chairman Rossney stated that there was a quorum

Motion made and seconded to accept November 2019 minutes as read. Motion passed.

Old Business:
Updated Planning Board contact list was distributed to the members.

New business:
Acting Chairman Rossney distributed copies of the annual report to the members.

CEO Report: CEO Ford reported that a DEP permit by rule for a project on Harding Lane may be brought before the board. He will check on the status.

CEO Ford reported on boathouse repair at 168 Carter Point Road possibly is more than the repair that was conveyed to the planning board at 11 September 2018 meeting. Also buffer strip of trees/bushes was not maintained as required in permit of 2007. CEO Ford has sent pictures to DEP and received a reply stating that the repair has exceeded the permit.

CEO Ford reported on project at 159 Carter Point Road for which a DEP permit has been granted.

Septic permits for Brian Charbenau (Byard’s Point Road) and for residence on Silver Mine Lane.

CEO Ford reported on access to shore at Harding Lane.

CEO Ford to check on gravel pad installed near outlet brook of Black’s Pond on Snow’s Cove Road.

Motion made and seconded to adjourn, Motion passed. Adjourned at 20;05.

Respectfully submitted,
David A. Carter