Planning Board Minutes, April 12, 2011




April 12, 2011


Planning Board members present:  Palmer Little, Chairman, Sylvia Wardwell, Secretary, David Webb, Michael Rossney, James Wood, Alternate.


Also present:  Robert Gray, Nelson Grindal, CEO Duane Ford, Selectmen’s Assistant Barbara Grindle


Map 7, Lot 3 – Robert Gray wishes to add a 3rd 30,000 propane storage tank to the existing storage area.  He was told that he would need a letter from the fire chief and the state inspection board approving the addition for the meeting next month.  If the letters approve the addition, he might be able to add to the existing permit.  He does need to do more work on the existing road to keep it passable for the residents that live beyond the storage facility.


Map 2, Lot 19 – Nelson Grindal, representing the Towns of Sedgwick and Brooksville, asked for an update on the existing permit for the road to Walker Pond.  The driveway permit and stormwater permit have been approved by the State and the towns want to be sure all avenues have been covered.  A letter was given to him to assure the Walker Pond board that the permit was approved. 


CEO Ford reported that he has notified Ricky Spofford by mail that he is to remove the anemometer on his property on Caterpillar Hill since his permit has run out.  He was also sent a copy of the new Wind Tower Ordinance.

            He also reported that Attorney Goodall, representing Philip McCarthy vs Lowell Thomas, will be in court shortly regarding a problem on Carter Point.

            A question about the cell tower on the Sedgwick Ridge Road raised the question of what can be done to the tower before coming before the Planning Board.  If adding equipment or updating equipment there is no need to come before them, but if expanding the footprint of the tower they must come before the board. 


                        Barbara Grindle, Assistant to the Selectmen

                        Town of Sedgwick