Planning Board Meeting, March 8, 2022

8-March 2022


Planning Board Minutes


Called to order: 19:15


Members present: David Carter, Peter Neill, Chairman Danny Weed, , John Woodward, Alt. Michael Rossney


Others present: CEO Duane Ford


Chairman Weed stated that there was a quorum


Motion made and seconded to accept February 2022 minutes as read. Motion passed.


Old Business:


Chairman Weed has discussed permits for short and long term rentals with selectmen. No action taken. More discussion ensued.


Borreggo Solar project likely to start soon. CEO to send copy of permit to contractor.


New business:




CEO Report:


New house to be built in Acadian Oaks subdivision.


Several other projects are ongoing.


Motion made and seconded to adjourn. Motion passed. Adjourned at 20:11.


Respectfully submitted,

David A. Carter