Planning Board, 11 January, 2022

11 January 2022


Planning Board Minutes


Called to order: 19:03


Members present: Chairman Danny Weed, Peter Neill, John Woodward, Alt. Michael Rossney, Alt. Andy Bowes


Others present: CEO Duane Ford, Selectman Rober Publicover


Chairman Weed stated that there was a quorum


Motion made and seconded to accept December 2021 minutes as read, with correction that Andy Bowes was not present in December. Motion passed.


Old Business:


Borreggo Solar: we need to check language in our agreement to insure all aspects of our contract will transfer to any potential new owner.


Board discussed previously proposed changes to Shore Land Zoning Ordinance and Site Plan Review Ordinance. According to MMA, a public hearing is required for enacting changes to the Shore Land Zoning Ordinance.


Motion was made to accept proposed written changes (attached) to Shore Land Zoning Ordinance and Site Plan Review Ordinance and schedule public hearing for both  prior to next Planning Board meeting (Neil/Weed). Approved unanimously.


Board continued previous month’s discussion of Short Term Rentals and need to routinely obtain data. Motion was made to recommend selectmen institute a permit process for Short-Term rental properties with a proposed fee of $25 per permit, using the Entertainment permit process as a model (Neil/Rossney). Approved unanimously.


New business:


Board held pre-application meeting with owners of Puppa’s Garage, 135 Reach Rd, regarding proposed project to construct a 20’x40’ addition to their existing shop. Owners were advised to complete Site Plan Review checklist and return to planning board when complete.


CEO Report:


Discussed several issues involving properties at Black Pond.


Motion made and seconded to adjourn. Motion passed. Adjourned at 20:10.


Respectfully submitted,

David A. Carter