Planning Board, March 10, 2009

Planning Board Meeting            March 10, 2009


The March meeting of the Sedgwick Planning Board was opened by Acting Chairman Victor Smith at 7 pm at the Sedgwick Town Office. 

            Map 2, Lot 10 – Gordon Gianninoto asked what needs to be done with the cell tower application that was turned in on Thursday, March 5.  Andrew Thompson represents Center Communications/T Line LLC, the company applying for the permit.  Bay View Avenue is on the very top of Caterpillar Hill and the tower would be over the hill behind Mr Gianninoto’s house.  They are leasing about 10,000 sq. ft of his property.  The power line will be buried about 20 feet from the westerly property line, with a propane back-up generator.  The application is for a 150 foot monopole.  The Planning Board will visit the site some time in April.  The abutters will need to be notified by registered letter and there will be at least one or two public meetings.  A check for $25 was accepted by the board and the application was accepted for review.

            Map 1, Lot 19 – Shawna Mueller from Bern Shur attorneys represented Ricky Spofford as he presented a corrected application for an after-the-fact 162.5 foot tower under the Site Plan Ordinance.  The re-application was signed by the Board and the CEO.   They then presented an application for the Wind Farm and this was reviewed by the Board.  The plans call for six turbines, free standing, no guy wires.  He doesn’t know the height of the towers yet.  The Planning Board took the new application under advisement.  Ms Mueller said that they may come in at the April 14th meeting with a sketch plan.  This project will require extensive DEP review.  There will be public meetings on the project because of its location in one of the most photographed areas of town.  The test tower is located just to the left of the scenic turnout on Caterpillar Hill.  Mr Spofford’s check for the reapplication fee and the building notification fee were accepted ($50 and $5.)

            Map 12, Lot 23A – Gary Neville came in for a permit for a proposed dock at the George Matteson property on Reach Road.  It is 125 feet to low water and there will be a float at the end of the dock.  They have received permits from the DEP and the Army Corps of Engineers already.  According to statute, five Indian tribes have also been notified.  All members were in favor of the application and a permit was signed.

            Map 13, Lots 6, 8-3, part of 11 – Eggemoggin Heights Subdivision paperwork was reviewed because several of the neighbors have presented an appeal.  The information will be collected for the Board of Appeals.

            The meeting was adjourned.

Barbara Grindle, Assistant to the Selectmen

Information from CEO Duane Ford