Marine Resources Committee – May 4, 2017


Members Present: Dennis DeSilvey, Bill Sweetland, Pete Douvarjo, Eric Sass

Dwayne Ford, Deputy Harbormaster, Colby Pert, Selectman,

Mike Sheehan, Selectman, Ben Astbury, Selectman

DeSilvey explained that the minutes of this and the two previous meetings will be sent out before the next meeting for review.

Brief discussion was held regarding the new gangway to the float and that the end pieces were removed for painting and will be returned. ADA laws require that the plate be on both ends of the gangway.

Appreciation was extended to all who helped with the cleanup day. Considerable progress was made on opening up the parking areas and cleaning up the landing area. Next cleanup day to finish the task will be may 20th at 0800.

Dwayne Ford discussed the work to date on the bank stabilization project. He has had to do extensive paper work and permitting before the project can begin. We has been working with john Collins (?) at DEP. There is no indication of a start date for the project but hopefully it will be completed this summer.

Discussion followed regarding the punch list for the new dock. Bill Sweetland indicated that many of the heeded items had been completed. The only remaining concern in the width of the approach ramp to the dock which has been narrowed significantly by the project. Bill Sweetland suggested that we look into installing concrete pads on either side of the approach ramp to widen the area to allow foot traffic along the side of parked vehicles unloading at the dock. Whether this would require additional permitting was discussed and it was felt that the plans conformed to the previous foot print of the dock.

There followed a discussion of the pans for a new float for the dock and an additional ramp. Mr Pert indicated that this project would not be done this year and there was no further discussion

Discussion followed regarding long term pans for the launch area including the old ramp. It was suggested that efforts be made to stabilize the existing ramp and that will be considered once the current dock and floats are installed.

The new mooring and dinghy fees for 2018 were reviewed and approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 1800

Next meeting June 1 at 1700

Dennis DeSilvey Recording secretary and chair.