Harbor Committee – October 17, 2013


Members present: John Dunbar, Chair, Dennis DeSilvey, Scribe, Tom Reilly, Aaron Grindal, Victor Smith.

Guests: Bill Sweetland, Eric Sass

Member absent, Steve Theodaris

The meeting was called to order at 1700. Minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and approved.
Discussion was then held regarding the boundaries of the Sedgwick Harbor. There was discussion of the
consideration of having one common harbor with Brooklin and concerns were raised regarding the
availability of mooring space in the Sedgwick part of the harbor which might be filled my Brooklin
residents. To date Sedgwick residents requesting a mooring have been able to get a mooring without
undue wait. If additional demand was created by opening the harbor to Brooklin residents that might
not be the case.

Concern was also raised about the limited parking available now as well as increased demand on the
dinghy dock should Brooklin residents have access to the Sedgwick area of the harbor. Critical to all of
this process is the definition of the harbor boundaries and which moorings are in Sedgwick and which
are in Brooklin and Victor Smith expressed that the Selectmen would be discussing this with the Brooklin
selectmen and a resolution will be sought. Current thinking in that the line should be from the mid
channel at the entrance of the harbor near the bar and at the mid channel near Means Point off
Benjamin River Marine.

DeSilvey commented that at the height of the season there were 6 dinghies on the dock without permits
and three of those belonged to Brooklin residents using the Sedgwick dock. Sine there is no public dock
in Brooklin the residents of Brooklin use the Sedgwick launch area and dinghy dock. John Dunbar
commented that that had to do with easy access and availability. It was suggested that next year an
increased effort to assume that users of the dock are registered and from Sedgwick would be the logical
next step after major improvements this year. How to effectively do that was discussed.

There then followed a discussion of moorings. The recommendation was to begin next year pulling up
unused moorings to begin to clear the mooring field. Many of these moorings are poorly marked or, at
best, have a winter pole which is often difficult to see when coming into the mooring field. Mr.
Sweetland commented that the duration that these mooring are down considerably effects the
condition of the mooring and that they should not be expected to hold any boat based on a surface
inspection and therefor constitute a hazard to the other boats in the harbor. It was felt that before any
effort was made to remove old unused moorings we would need an agreement with Brooklin on the line
dividing the harbor. There is concern that there are a number of unused out of state moorings that have
been added over the years and not maintained.

Discussion then followed regarding the establishment of “certified mooring inspectors for the harbor.
This would enable better maintenance of the moorings in the harbor. Designated inspectors would have
liability insurance and experience with mooring installation and maintenance. They would assume some
of the risk of assuring that moorings are of sufficient size for the vessels using the mooring. The
committee discussed several mooring designs and the strengths and weakness of each.

It was moved and seconded that “Certified mooring installers and inspectors will be designated for the
Sedgwick portion of the Benjamin River Harbor and the list as well as a mooring inspection form with be
provided to mooring registrants.”

It was noted that the estimate is that approximately 75 of the moorings in the harbor are maintained be
contractors and 40 are maintained by individuals. There is concern that the self0maintained moorings
are failing at a higher rate and that is one of these moorings fails in the future they should be required
to have their mooring pulled by a registered contractor, inspected, and brought up to standard and then
maintained by the contractor.

Discussion then followed regarding the placing of two signs at the waterfront. One sign will go at the
end of the dock and say “NO PARKING0LOADING AND UNLOADING ONLY”.

The other will go on the dock and say,” NO OVERNIGHT TIE UPS0NO UNATTENDED BOATS,”

A request will go to the Selectmen for the funding of these signs before next summer.

The meeting adjourned at 1800.

The next meeting will be December 2013

Dennis DeSilvey Recording secretary.