Harbor Committee – December 5, 2013


Members Present: John Dunbar Chair, Dennis DeSilvey, Steve Theodaris, Aaron Grindal, Tom Reilly,
Victor Smith

Guest: Bill Sweetland

Absent: Bill Grant –Harbormaster

The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and passed

Discussion followed regarding the designation of specific mooring contractors for the harbor. Concerns
were raise regarding the enforcement of the mooring regulations for the harbor specifically as they
regard mooring tackle and mooring inspection. It was recommended that the contractors service only
paid moorings and only those paid through the prior year. Current considerations for contractors are:

John Dunbar, Phil LaFrance, Al Hutchins, and Billy Grant

Permission to be a mooring contractor would come with the ability to tie ones work boat to the dock
while servicing moorings.

There then followed extensive discussion regarding amending the town ordinance to better define the
Sedgwick Harbor boundary. It was proposed by John Dunbar that the boundary be the line from “half
tide rock” to the low water at Job’s Bar. Victor Smith raised a concern about moving moorings to comply
with the line and how they would be affected by the depth of the harbor. This proposal was moved and
seconded and all voted in favor. John Dunbar said that he would write the ordinance for the town

NOTE: Since the above meeting, Deborah Brewster, Brooklin Selectperson obtained information from the State that indicates that when the harbor was designated in the 1880s the towns determined that the boundary of the Sedgwick and Brooklin Harbors would be the main channel. This would considerably change the current harbor boundaries and would nullify the above discussion.

This will be discussed at the January meeting.

The next topic for discussion was that of a moratorium on Non4resident moorings. We should have 10%
of our moorings non4resident but since many of our moorings are held by seasonal residents who are
not considered residents we easily meet this requirement. It was also pointed out than moorings are
nontransferable. We also discussed the concern regarding unused moorings especially those left on a
pole. It was emphasized that the ID of the boat or owner should be on all moorings.

It was moved and seconded that “There will be a moratorium on non resident moorings.”

Final discussion was held regarding the day make on “half tide rock”. The mark was out for only a
portion of the summer and its removal could pose a hazard to navigation. Methods will be explored to
keep the day mark in place.

The meeting adjourned at 1800.

Next meeting January 9, 2014

Dennis DeSilvey, Recording secretary.