Selectmen’s Minutes, Tues., Oct. 28, 2008

Town of Sedgwick Maine

Selectmen’s Meeting

October 28, 2008  Tuesday  3:30PM 

Selectmen present:  Nelson Grindal, Bill Jagger and Tom O'Connor. Other participants:  Tax collector Belinda Pert and Selectman’s Assistant Barbara Grindle. 

  1. Approved the minutes of the October 23, 2008 selectmen’s meeting.


  1. Signed appointment papers for ballot clerks:

 Marjorie Grindall          William Pettengill         

Douglas McMillan          Molly McMillan         

Virginia Simmons           Daphne Daunt         

Mary Ellen Ashman        Rhoda Grant         

Clare Grindal                   Darcy Grindal         

Judyth Herrick                  Steve Tobey     

And appointment papers for election warden David Anderson 

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00PM.  

Respectfully submitted,   

Tom O'Connor