Selectmen’s Minutes, September 8, 2011




September 8, 2011


Selectmen present:       Neil Davis, Colby Pert, Victor Smith


Also present:  Road Commissioner Paul Carter, Treasurer Cindy Reilly,

            Assistant Barbara Grindle, Fred Marston, Nelson Grindal.


1)         Minutes of the last meeting read and approved.


2)         Signed the Treasurer’s warrant of $72,480.37; $61,055.94 was for education, and $70,270 for M.E. Astbury for the Walker Pond Road.


3)         M.E. Astbury has agreed to put in the stone work and the planks for the landing for $12,000 so that it can be used this fall and winter.


4)         Astbury will pick up the concrete ramps and install them for another $4,000.


5)         Carter was in to check if there was anything that the selectmen needed done and to check on when the tarring on Carter Point will be done.


6)         Grindal and Marston discussed the right-of-way to the Mill Pond and the paper work  that needs to be done.


There being no further business to be discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.


            Victor Smith, 3rd selectman