Selectmen’s Minutes, August 25, 2011



August 25, 2011


Selectmen present:  Neil Davis, Colby Pert, Victor Smith


Also present:  Treasurer Cindy Reilly, Tax Collector Belinda Pert, Assistant Barbara Grindle, Nelson Grindal, Aaron Grindal, Packet Reporter Bette Britt.


1)         Minutes of the last meeting read and accepted.


2)         Signed Treasurer’s warrant for $122,508.62, $3614.92 for work on the ceiling and $ ?   for Tax Collector’s computer, and $1540.71 for education.


3)         Progress is being made in the right-of-way to the Mill Pond access.  Deed work is being done by Allen-Bowden, with approval from Fred Marston, owner of record.


4)         Work has been done on the Walker Pond Road.  The parking lot is in and graded.  Prep work is being done and Grindal is getting prices on roughing in the ramp and finishind the road to the Pond.


5)         Plywood and insulation is on both of the office ceilings.  A. Grindal is waiting for the composite  material to arrive so they can be finished.  One quarter of the payment was made to him as per the contract;  the final quarter will be due on completion of the work.


6)         The selectmen’s meeting was recessed to have the special town meeting regarding the grant money for the Walker Pond Road. The meeting started at 6:45.

a)         David Anderson was elected moderator;  4 votes to 1 vote for Neil Davis.

            b)         Anderson read the article as published and posted.

c)         The article was passed with a vote of 15-1 in favor of    accepting the grant money.

d)         The special meeting was adjourned by the moderator at 6:54 pm.


There being no further business the selectmen’s meeting was adjourned at 7 pm.


                                    Victor Smith, 3rd Selectman