Selectmen’s Meeting, November 4, 2021

November 4, 2021

Opened the meeting and declared a quorum present. Selectmen present: Bob Publicover, Michael Sheahan. Also present: CEO Duane Ford, Clerk/treasurer Cindy Reilly, Assistant Barbara Grindle, Don Buckingham, Donna Beninati, Jerry Wetterskog, (by phone Jeffrey Roth).

There being no errors or omissions in the records of the last meeting, moved, seconded and voted 2-0 to accept them as written.

Reviewed and signed the treasurer’s warrant for $127,220.09: clearing:m/v $5,025.89, i/f $2,920, h/f $60, an. Welfare $51; property tax overpay $2,261.86; donations $47,862; administration $10,598.73 (salaries, taxes, ballot clerks, misc.); fire protection $2,018.49; general assistance $2,413.61; town house $15.49; fees $242; sludge $120; snow $33,000; Snow’s Cove project $20,271; animal control $250.

CEO REPORT: Been a busy week: the town dock work seems to be in a good place but won’t be totally finished until spring when planting to hold the ground can be done; will be covered this winter; a piece of land on the Steamboat Road has been advertised as a 3-lot subdivision, talked with owner; had an email regarding hazard trees on Carter Point, trees may come down, but stumps are holding the bank from washing away and must be left until replanting can be done; a building on the left side of Black’s Pond must be carefully placed, Planning Board and DEP involved; Planning Board will discuss the cell tower on the Ridge; replacing a septic field on Reach Road that needs a variance from DHS; new construction on Osprey Landing, no water so more well digging, Strong Brewery permit being signed by Planning Board, will keep in touch with them about their future plans.

DISCUSSION ITEMS: 1) Discuss/Adopt Broadband Resolution: Beninati thanked the board for their help in moving it forward, now it’s time for moving on to the next step, continue moving forward. Had more papers to be signed, Astbury will sign the interlocal agreement tomorrow.
2) Discussion of Improvements for the Town House: Tabled until chairman is present.
3) Any Unresolved Business: None.

ACTION ITEMS: 1) Sign Interlocal Agreement: Astbury will sign tomorrow.
2) Any action needed for Borrego Solar PILOT? No action until further information received.

ASSISTANT’S REPORT: The budget committee is planning to meet, will get disbursements record to them via email.


ADJOURN: There being no further business, moved, seconded and voted 2-0 to adjourn the meeting at 6:18 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Grindle, Assistant