Selectmen’s Meeting, June 23, 2011




June 23, 2011


Selectmen present:       Neil Davis, Colby Pert, Victor Smith


Also present:    Tax Collector Belinda, Treasurer Cindy Reilly, Assistant Barbara Grindle, Reporter Bette Britt


1)         Minutes of last meeting read and approved.


2)         Signed Treasurer’s warrant for $71,900.09, of which $63,735.58 was for education and $4,564 for road work on the Carter Point Road.


3)         A meeting has been set up with Engineer Andrew McCullough and forestry management’s Jake Mayer to look over the town’s property on Walker Pond to see what type of  plan would benefit the property.  Selectmen of both towns will be notified when the meeting will take place so they may attend if they wish.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 pm, and the selectmen moved to the Town House for the special town meeting that was to be held at 6:30 pm.


                        Victor Smith, 3rd Selectman