Marine Resources Committee – October 6, 2022

SEDGWICK, MAINE October 6, 2022

Members present: Desmond Ashman, Justin Limeburner, Steve Blaisdell, Brian Tripp, Eric Sass
Meeting was held at the town office at 5 p.m.

Minutes from July 7 meeting approved unanimously.

Dinghy float next to dock to be built with no dinghy tie-down on outside to keep dinghies away from main float.

Scott Lukes to rig and place old granite mooring for end of dinghy floats – approved by selectmen.

We should ask people to move dinghies stored on land to pull them up the bank and away from the road.

Have Mike Ashbury or Ben Webb deliver 2 yards of stone for water runoff at the edge of tar and have Tobey Woodard spread it – selectmen approved it after giving Paul Carter one more opportunity to do it.

Consider placing a dog bag dispenser for dog walkers.

Brian, Desmond and Justin will build 2 dinghy docks this winter and send a list of materials to selectmen for reimbursement.

Plant Bayberries on top of new riprap – need approximately 10 plants – to meet DEP requirements – Steve Blaisdell will arrange.