Selectmen’s Meeting, April 9, 2015



April 9, 2015


Opened the meeting and established a quorum present.  Selectmen present:  Neil Davis, Nelson Grindal, Ben Astbury.  Also present:  Charlie Wiggins, Victor Smith, Gary Schneider, Robert Jones, Ellsworth American reporter Jennifer Osborn, Treasurer Cindy Reilly, CEO Duane Ford, Assistant Barbara Grindle.


Read and approved the minutes from the last meeting.


Reviewed and signed the treasurer’s warrant.


            PUBLIC BUSINESS:  Victor Smith raised concerns that the town has committed “illegal acts.”  He presented paperwork referencing incompatible offices.  Underlined in the paperwork were “municipal officer and police officer or constable”.  These offices could result in an automatic vacancy in the first office once the second oath is taken.  Grindal suggested that the selectmen go into executive session to discuss Astbury’s election, which he considers “a very serious problem”.  Wiggins asked what the role of the community would be in the issue.  Davis suggested that we get a legal opinion from the town lawyer.

The board will enter into executive session as soon as the rest of the evening’s business is concluded.

Davis reported that Tom Martin of Hancock County Planning Commission is available to help prepare the application of the engineering of the Town Dock.  Coastal Community Grant will help pay for the work.  Andrew McCullough is willing to do the engineering.

Davis discussed the insurance coverage on the Walker Pond Landing in view of the vandalism that has occurred there.  Grindal to provide information to MMA and Brooksville for the insurance  companies.

Voted to keep the Boston Post Cane in the office.  Damage was extensive when returned the last time.  Brock McMillan was 100 years old on April 8.

General Assistance public hearing set for April 23 at 6:30 pm at the selectmen’s office. 

David Webb would like to submit his contract for snow plowing. 


NEW BUSINESS:  There will be a special school board meeting Monday, April 13 to discuss superintendent’s issues.  Selectmen will monitor school board’s progress.


CEO REPORT: Sees need to tighten up site plan review in spots.

He is receiving forestry notifications and maps for some timber harvesting.

There are changes coming for Shoreland Zoning.  He will be  watching the training session which is online April 23.


ADJOURN:  Moved, seconded and voted to adjourn at 6:47 pm.  Entered executive session at 6:51 pm to discuss possibility of incompatibility.  No resolution was reached.  Out of executive session at 7:15 pm.  No action taken.


                        Ben Astbury, Selectman