Planning Board Minutes, Tues., Mar. 13, 2007

Planning Board, March 13, 2007   


The Sedgwick Planning Board met on Tues., Mar. 13, 2007 at the Town Office.  The meeting was opened at 7 pm with Chairman Palmer Little, Planning Board members  David Webb, John Allen, Victor Smith, Sylvia Wardwell and Jim Woods, Alt., CEO Duane Ford, Selectman Tom O’Connor, Selectman Nelson Grindal,  Barbara Grindle, Barry Closson, Bill Hanley, Chris Raphael, two journalism students from GSA, and Jon Thomas from the Weekly Packet.

            Mr Scott of Prestige Homes, was in to ask about permits for a modular home in Castine River Estates for Michael Reichgott.  Permit given and fee of $25 paid.

            Map 2, Lot 2-Bill Hanley presented the case for the Larsons. He presented the Board with notebooks containing information and photos, a sketch showing the slope of 18% if house is moved back as requested, a sketch showing trees that would be affected by the moving, letters from the foundation company, soil erosion control plans, two letters from the building movers with costs involved and a letter from the Larsons. Much discussion centered around the foundation, a portion of which is in the Pond.  Moving the house back also involves moving the chimney, a very large fieldstone piece that is in the center of the house and is going to be very expensive to move since it is connected to the house.  It is also very out of plumb.  Many options have been suggested by the Board, but the Larsons do not wish to change their plans, which are to repair the house, the foundation and add an 8’ x 20’8” addition. The Planning Board would like to meet at the house, with the engineer and construction people, to go in and under the place to see just exactly what is being planned.  

            Map 5, Lot 105  Edward Carter-DEP has approved the rebuilding of the burned camp.  Permit issued.

            Map 6, Lot 61-4-Horseshoe Shores, a minor subdivision.  Sergi Breus brought in his vellum to be signed by the Board so he could register it at the Registry of Deeds.

            Noted that the Shoreland Zoning ordinance must be updated.  The state is requiring many large changes.

            Meeting set to view the Larson property April 7 at 8:30am if convenient to all parties.

Meeting adjourned 8:30pm.

                        Barbara M. Grindle, Asst to the Selectmen