Planning Board Minutes, Tues.,Aug. 14, 2007

Planning Board Minutes, Aug. 14, 2007


The Sedgwick Planning Board met at the Town Office Tues., Aug. 14 at 7 pm.  Members present were Palmer Little, Chairman, Victor Smith, Sylvia Wardwell, Secretary, David Webb, Jim Wood, Alternate.  Others present were Nelson Grindal, Tom O’Connor, Selectmen, Duane Ford, CEO, Barbara Grindle, Assistant to the Selectmen, Richard Coakley, Sergei Breus.

Map 9, Lot 45A.  Richard Coakley presented plans for Robert Manheimer property.  They would increase the size of the structure by 389 sq. ft. by going upwards.  The Planning Board accepted the application for review.  It was strongly suggested that Mr Coakley contact the DEP and the Army Corps of Engineers because a portion of the property is submerged.  The application was given to the CEO for his inspection .

Map 6, Lot 28    Michael Hewes.  CEO has inspected the property and says it is good to go.  It is a very large house.  Driveway is in and power is underground.  The Planning Board voted to approve the project.  $25 permit fee accepted on Jul. 25, 2007.

            Map 6, Lot 61-3   Sergei Breus.  Lot # 3 of Horseshoe Shores Subdivision.  Application and septic plan presented to the Board.  This would be a 4 bedroom, 3000 sq. ft home.  The application was accepted and given to the CEO.  A fee of $25 was paid.  Mr Breus was also reminded that the permits are only for one year, and the permit for Lot # 4 is nearly a year old.  

            The Planning Board was updated on the Goldsby/Osborn clearcut.  The property needs to be replanted and a fine will be assessed.

            Map 2, Lot 19  Town of Sedgwick     The selectmen presented an application and engineering report for a road, footbridge and picnic area within the 250 ft shoreland zone.  The application was approved subject to DEP and Army Corp of Engineer approval. 

            Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.

                                    Barbara Grindle, Assistant to the Selectmen