Planning Board Minutes, September 13, 2016


13 September 2016 Planning Board Minutes

Members Present:  Robert Jones, Peter Neill, Victor Smith, Mike Rossney, David Carter, Peter Atherton, Patricia Egan.

The minutes for the August meeting were approved and the chairman noted that we had a quorum.

Old Business:

A question was asked about the email address Mike Rossney has been asking the Select Board to give us.  There has still been no action taken.

The issue of landscaping between parking lot and road was discussed with reference to Mariner’s Pub and it was decided to bring it to Darryl Brown’s attention next spring to give him time to settle in after this year’s construction.

New Business:

Duane Ford said we may have potential new business regarding the Kilcare Cottage as it may be up for sale and there are questions regarding plumbing and septic.  If indeed the property goes up for sale the Planning Board will have to look into the old permit previously received from the Appeals Board, which will now have expired.  Things that will have to be taken into consideration are that it is an historic structure and that it is built out over the water.  Duane thinks a planning board inspection would be required.

Robert Jones noted that we hadn’t received a letter from the Patten’ lawyer regarding changes to their subdivision.

The meeting was adjourned until Tuesday, October 11th.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia Colling Egan