Planning Board Minutes, Sept. 14, 2010



September 14, 2010


Members present:            Palmer Little, Chairman, Sylvia Wardwell, Secretary, David Webb, Michael Rossney, and James Wood, Alternate.


Also present:  CEO Duane Ford, Mr & Mrs Anderman, Doug McMillan, Chris Pickering, Selectman Nelson Grindal, Assistant Barbara Grindle, Andy Gray.


Map 4, Lot 5-3.  Mr & Mr Anderman from Castine River Estates presented a DOT Permit by Rule for a removable, seasonal dock with a 40’ ramp and 20’ float with 3 sets of stairs.  They were given an application for steps in the shoreland zone and were turned over to the CEO.  The Board did suggest that they send registered letters to the abutters just to keep them informed.  A fee of $30 was paid  ($15 for steps, and $15 for the dock).


Map 6, Lot 40-6.  Doug McMillan, representing Howard and Jennifer Page, presented the drawings for a new home that had been applied for 2 years ago.  It was passed to the CEO.  A silt fence should be erected at the 75’ line to prevent going over the allowed area.  A $30 fee was paid; $25 for the application and $5 for a building notification.


Map 11, Lot 45.  Chris Pickering, representing Tony and Sarah Everdell, was in for information and a shoreland zoning application for an addition to their house.  The deck may be added to the calculation for their 30% increase, but the basement area may not be added.  This was turned over to the CEO with the suggestion that an architect be consulted to certify square footage measurements.


A letter from the selectmen asked to have the Spofford file for a temporary wind tower be checked to see if the tower needs to be removed or reapplied for.  Little will write a letter to Mr Spofford since it has been over a year since the after-the-fact permit was given to him.


A group of townspeople have been circulating a petition for a moratorium ordinance on the anemometer tower on Frost Pond.  The Planning Board suggested that they be asked if they would be willing to be on a committee to write a wind tower ordinance rather than a moratorium ordinance.  Little will contact them.


Map 2, Lot 32D.  Andy Gray presented the board with receipts for the letter sent to abutters.  His building will be at least 40’ from the road.  A motion was made to approve his application and all were in favor.   The permit was signed.  The application fee had been paid in August, a $5 building notification was paid.


The selectmen also asked that the board check into fee structures from other towns.  Our fees are not covering the time and costs involved, especially those of the Code Enforcement Officer.  CEO Ford and Chairman Little will investigate and bring in some suggestions next month.


Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.


                        Barbara Grindle, Assistant to the Selectmen