Planning Board Minutes, Nov. 11, 2007

Sedgwick Planning Board, November 13, 2007


Members present, Palmer Little, Chairman, David Webb, Sylvia Wardwell, Jim Wood, Alt.  Also present were Selectman Tom O’Connor, Asst. to the Selectmen Barbara Grindle, Packet reporter Jonathan Thomas and Mrs Thomas, Michael and Kimberly Granger.

            Map 6, Lot 40-4.  The Grangers came in for an application for an 1800 sq ft home.  This is their second application; they already have a garage and apartment.  They were concerned about the eagle nesting area as they will be close to the limits.  The Chairman will check into the new laws regarding this matter, but will probably restrict building during the nesting season anyway.  This is acceptable to the landowners.

            CEO Reports:  1)  Map 6, Lot 32  Gary and Janice Kath have made no formal application for their driveway.  They must apply with a septic design, etc.  The CEO will communicate with them.

            2)  Map 4, Lot 17A  Mr Brian Kelly contacted the office and the CEO about the driveway for Arne Ojala.  He will be doing a survey plan for them.  This driveway is in the stream protection area, but there is no road frontage available. CEO Ford issued a stop work order and notified the owners that they must come to the Planning Board for a permit and also have a permit from the DEP. There is a 75’ setback in the stream protection areas.  There are few stream protection areas in town, but the whole of Black’s Brook is in one area. 

            3)   Map 8, Lot 55-2  There are several mobile homes and at least two porta potties located right on the shore of the Salt Pond.  One mobile home has a permanent roof built over it, There is a well drilled up the hill with ¾ inch pipe running water to the camp.  There doesn’t seem to be any septic system.  CEO Ford is looking into the problem and is notifying the landowners.  A portable camper needs an annual permit, good for 120 days per year.  After that period, the camper must be moved back from the shore.  There also should be spacing of 30,000 sq ft between each mobile home.

This area is locally known as ‘Baptism Beach’

4)   Map 2, Lot 4   CEO and Chairman passed out notebooks containing the 4 or 5 applications for the Patten property, formerly Four Winds Camp.  The Board members were asked to read the materials presented for discussion next meeting when the lawyer for the Pattens and the lawyer for the town will be present.  The applications will be review separately.

Meeting adjourned at 8 pm.

                       Barbara Grindle, Assistant to the Selectmen