Planning Board Minutes, March 9, 2010



March 9, 2010


Planning Board members present:  Chairman Palmer Little, Secretary Sylvia Wardwell, David Webb, Michael Rossney, John Allen and Alternate James Wood.


Also present:  CEO Duane Ford, Bill and Marcia DeWitt, Sergi Breus, Alden Astbury, John Silverio, Patrick Moroney, Rosemary Thorne, Packet reporters John and Jane Thomas, Selectman Victor Smith, Assistant to the Selectmen Barbara Grindle.


Chairman Little opened the meeting at 7 pm.


Map 6, Lot 61-4 – DeWitt/Breus – Accepting the cover letter from Jim Modisette and the new maps including a mylar for the Registry, it was moved, seconded, and voted by the planning board to approve the plan for a portion of the subdivision lot located in Breus’ Horseshoe Shores Subdivision to be sold and transferred to the DeWitts.  Planning Board members signed the mylar map for the Registry and the paper map for the planning board files.  This land will be kept in conservation with a pedestrian easement to the shore of the Bagaduce River.


Map 7, Lot 32 – Alden Astbury brought in the plans for the Western View Café on the corner of the Ridge Road and Route 15.  He has sent letters to the abutting landowners, but did not bring the receipts for those letters.  He also needs to get approval from DOT for an entrance permit to the café.  The application for the 8 seat grill and deli was accepted for review by the planning board.  The plans are for a 24’ x 32’ building with a walk-in basement.  There will be parking for 8-10 vehicles with more space if the public area of the old road is available from the DOT.  Astbury will get together with board member John Allen to investigate that availability.  The $25 application fee was paid.


Map 6, Lot 28B – Architect Silverio presented the plans for the 2500 sq. ft. Moroney/Thorne home and garage.  The plans had been forwarded to the Code Enforcement Officer previously with payment of the $25 application fee and the $5 building notification fee.  The application was accepted for review and turned over to the CEO for inspection.  He can sign the application if all is in order, but if there is any portion of the application that is questioned, it must come back to the planning board.  Their home will be in the shoreland area of the Bagaduce River.


Chairman Little informed the Board that the Patten/Four Winds appeal that was decided in the Town’s favor last month will be going to the Supreme Court soon.


The CEO reported on several homes being built on the Bagaduce and one expansion on the Salt Pond.  There are a few that have not been in to see the planning board, and many more issues being watched, especially cutting of trees and bushes in the shoreland areas.  He is being kept busy, but if anyone has need to contact him, his cell phone number is 699-6844.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.


                                    Barbara Grindle, Assistant to the Selectmen