Planning Board Minutes, June 8, 2010



June 8, 2010


Planning Board members present:  Chairman Palmer Little, Alternate Jim Wood, Michael Rossney, Secretary Sylvia Wardwell, David Webb.  John Allen absent.


Also present:  Code Enforcement Officer Duane Ford, Andrew Thompson, Gordon Gianninato, Jane and Jon Thomas from the Packet, and Assistant to the Selectmen Barbara Grindle


Chairman Little opened the meeting at 7 pm.


Map 2, Lot 10 – Andrew Thompson from Centerline Communications asked for information to present an application for a cell communications tower to be located on Mr Gianninoto’s property.  He had presented an application in 2009 but nothing has been done since that time.  After the approval of the application the company will be soliciting contracts from cell companies to place their equipment on the tower.  He was given a copy of the site plan ordinance and the plans presented by US Cellular for their tower on the Ridge Road.  They must also notify the abutting landowners again.  Mr Gianninoto asked about removing the blueberry soil and placing the tower on the granite ledge under the soil.  He was asked about water runoff and advised to contact DEP before removing the soil. 


Map 7, Lot 21-2 – There will be a public hearing on Albert and Mia Strong’s application for a home brew retail shop in their garage at next months meeting.  Little will advertise the meeting.


Public hearings on ordinance changes will continue.  Little will also advertise these.


The August meeting may need to be changed from the 2nd Tuesday to the 2nd Monday because of a conflict in scheduling. The change will be discussed next month.  The school is having a public meeting on what to do with the schools and every resident should attend the meeting.  A survey will be going to residents in town to see what they wish; costs are going up and they want to know if we want run our own school.


CEO Ford reported that there is activity all over town.  Peninsula Power is interested in the ordinances for wind towers.  Discussion centered on whether we should have one at this time. 


The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.


                                    Barbara Grindle, Assistant to the Selectmen