Planning Board Minutes, June 14, 2011



June 14, 2011


Planning Board members present:  Chairman Palmer Little, Secretary Sylvia Wardwell, David Webb, Michael Rossney, John Allen, Jim Wood, Alternate


Also present:  Fire Chief David Carter, HCRCC Director Renee Wellman, CEO Duane Ford, Assistant to the Selectmen Barbara Grindle.


Map 2, Lot 10  Wellman and Carter in to check on the availability and permits of the cell tower on Caterpillar Hill.  The permit was not signed because no written acceptance of the conditions of the permit has been received.  Centerline Communications, LLC has been sold to GC Towers, Inc, Sarasota, FL.  Assistant will write to them for confirmation of the permit conditions.  Those conditions include a removal bond and availability of the tower to public emergency facilities.


US Cellular’s representative, Lisa Bera, has been in touch with the CEO about requirements to add to the cell tower on the Ridge.  The Planning Board is not required to permit additional contracts on the tower.


CEO Report:  Changes are coming regarding replacement of trees in the Shoreline Zone.  Presently a tree has to be replaced by another of the same size.  The change will be that the trees do not have to be the same size.

            Another change will be that a certified arborist can identify a ‘hazard tree’ and they will not have to be replaced tree for tree. 

            Right now nothing may be higher than 35 feet on the shoreland, the new regulation will allow structures to be higher if they are not living quarters.   This would include cupolas, antennas, etc.

            The new book of building codes is available for contractors for $510.  The municipalities may purchase one for $210.  Sedgwick is too small to be mandated for the state building codes.  Any town with 2,000 residents must follow the code.

            Board member Rossney asked that the Spofford  wind tower removal be followed up on.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.


                        Barbara Grindle, Assistant to the Selectmen