Planning Board Minutes 8 October 2019

8 October 2019
Planning Board Minutes
Called to order: 19:03
Members present: Substitute Acting Chairman Andowes, David Carter, Richard Doane, Peter Atherton, Danny Weed
Others present: Nichole Johnson, Calvin Bray, Carrie Bray, Amanda Hamilton, William Davis, Duane Ford
Substitute Acting Chairman Bowes stated that there was a quorum
Motion made and seconded to accept September 2019minutes as read. Motion passed.
Old Business: Philip Robinson, 318 Graytown Road, Map 6, Lot 39, addition of deck within shoreland zone of non-conforming structure. Letter from DEP granting permission of build deck. Applicant to see CEO. Motion made and seconded to give tentative approval. Motion passed.
New Business: Nichole Johnson, Map 3, Lot 3m for proposed day care on Caterpillar Hill Road. Applicant was mis-informed that she would be granted Site Plan Review Permit. Board explained the application process to applicant. Motion made and seconded to deem this the Pre-Application conference. Motion passed. Gave applicant the Site Plan Review checklist and discussed the list. Board informed applicant that the board would do everything possible to expedite the process as the applicant was mis-informed by a town official.
Motion made and seconded to adjourn. Motion passed. Adjourned at 19:52.
Respectfully submitted,
David A. Carter