Planning Board Minutes, 10 September 2019

10 September 2019
Planning Board Minutes
Called to order: 19:01
Members present: Acting Chairman Michael Rossney, Peter Neill, David Carter, Richard Doane, Andy Bower, Danny Weed
Others present: CEO Tracy, Selectman Liason Publicover, Philip Robinson, Sally Mitchell, Leslie Scanlon.
Acting Chairman Rossney stated that there was a quorum.
Motion made and seconded to accept August 2019 minutes as read. Motion passed.
Old Business: None
New Business: Philip Robinson, 318 Graytown Road, Map 6, Lot 39, addition of deck within shoreland zone of non-conforming structure. Motion made and seconded to table pending more information.
Sally Mitchell, 216 Bagaduce Lane, proposed residence within shoreland zone. Presented site plan. CEO to write permit.
Leslie Scanlon, Twin Oaks Lane, had a couple questions regarding what constitutes a subdivision.
CEO Report: Nothing to report.
Motion made and seconded to adjourn. Motion passed. Adjourned at 19:48.
Respectfully submitted,
David A. Carter