Planning Board Meeting, February 8, 2022

08 February 2022


Planning Board Minutes


Called to order: 1900


Members present: Chairman Danny Weed, Peter Neill, John Woodward, Richard Doane, Alt. Michael Rossney, Alt. Andy Bowes


Others present: CEO Duane Ford


Chairman Weed stated that there was a quorum.


Motion made and seconded to accept January 2021 minutes as read (Weed/Doane). Motion passed.


Old Business:


Board conducted public hearing from 1830-1900, for proposed changes to Shore Land Zoning Ordinance and Site Plan Review Ordinance. No members of the public were present.


Board continued previous month’s discussion of Short Term Rentals and need to routinely obtain data. Chairman stated he had sent email to select board regarding planning board recommendation for selectmen to institute a permit process for Short-Term rental properties with a proposed fee of $25 per permit, using the Entertainment permit process as a model. No response received to date. Motion to resend (Neill/Rossney) unanimously approved.


Board continued discussion of affordable housing and climate change. Peter Neill stated that the Hancock County Planning had contracted for a development of a land use GIS analysis of the county to support planning for impacts of climate change and other initiatives. Delivery anticipated within a year. State level legislative actions are ongoing regarding affordable housing.


New business:


Motion to extend the Planning Board’s appreciation for support of planning initiatives to outgoing selectman, Robert Publicover (Neill/Bowes) unanimously approved. Neill to draft.


CEO Report:


Discussed several issues involving properties at Black’s Pond and Carter Point.  Board discussed problems associated with enforcing town ordinances and perceived lack of support.


Motion made and seconded to adjourn. Motion passed. Adjourned at 1957.


Respectfully submitted,

Andrew Bowes