Planning Board Feb. 13, 2007

Planning Board  Feb. 13, 2007


The Sedgwick Planning Board met at the Town Office with Chairman Palmer Little, Members Victor Smith, Sylvia Wardwell, Alternate Jim Wood, and John Allen.  Also present CEO Duane Ford, Selectman Tom O’Connor and Assistant to the Selectmen Barbara Grindle.

            Michael and Michele Rossney, Map 3, lot 10A, were in to present the final plans for their Mexican Restaurant.  The application was amended to be a restaurant in their barn instead of a mobile unit.  The septic system is large enough to handle an art gallery in the house, 9 seat restaurant, and possible picnic tables outside.  The parking is also large enough for this use.  They plan to be open May 1 if all goes well. The permit was approved, $25 fee paid.

            A review of the Appeals Board decision on Map 2, Lot 2, Larson property was given by Palmer.  Information was given to the Appeals Board that had not been seen by the Planning Board, the Appeals Board felt that this information should be presented to the Planning Board and so sent the matter back to them. There has been a great deal of discussion on this project.

            The Janet Chase Richards property, Map 1, Lot 34, has been clear cut.  CEO to check into having the land replanted to replace the trees cut.  The real estate agent has been notified and a letter will be sent to the DEP.  This property is for sale at present.

            There was a public hearing for the floodplain ordinance at this meeting of the Planning Board.  Our present plan must be upgraded to state requirements.  There was little discussion on the ordinance changes.

            Meeting adjourned at 8 pm

Barbara M. Grindle, Assistant to the Selectmen