Planning Board, April 10, 2007

Planning Board April 10, 2007


The Sedgwick Planning Board met at the Town Office at 7 pm .  Present were Sylvia Wardwell, Secretary, Victor Smith, Palmer Little, Chairman, David Webb, Jim Wood, Alternate, CEO Duane Ford, Christopher Raphael, Bill Hanley, Selectman Tom O’Connor, Matt Freedman, Mr Merry from CES Engineering, Jon Thomas from the Weekly Packet and Barbara Grindle, Assistant to the Selectmen,

            Map 5, Lot 105-Ed Carter-  A copy of the DEP approval was presented to the Board and approved.  His permit was signed; he had applied in October for the permit to replace his burned camp on Frost Pond.

            Map 2, Lot 2-Larson-The meeting to view Kamp Kill Kare was cancelled due to the heavy snowstorm.  The board decided that they did not need to meet again to view the camp, since they had heard so much and most had visited the camp at some time.  Mr Merry, the foundation architect and Matt Freedman from the construction company, were on hand to explain their portions of the rebuilding project.  They will have to tear off the right side porch, elevate the house 4-6 ft on the back, and place it on I beams to be able to work on the foundation.  The foundation of the chimney will be incorporated into the footings of the foundation but it will not be plumb.  Questioned if the building is jacked up 6 ft, why couldn’t it be slid back 28 feet onto a new foundation, making a more secure foundation and getting out of the water and above the frost line. Cost is a factor.

The Board has three options:  1) require them to move back the width of the house (28’ approximately), 2) approve the application as it is presented, 3)  allow a repair of the foundation but with no addition to the house.  Mr Hanley is to present these options to the Larsons and get back to the Planning Board with an answer.  The Planning Board will hold a special meeting to vote on the application as soon as the Larsons decide if they wish to change the plans for the house.

            The meeting was recessed. 

                                    Barbara Grindle, Assistant to the Selectmen