*Statement regarding recent events in Deer Isle and Stonington*

The Town of Sedgwick stands in support of southerly neighbors Deer Isle and Stonington in condemning all forms of racism and criminal behavior associated with recent incidents on the island. The shocking threats of bodily harm, harassment, criminal trespass and vandalism committed in recent days, has left many to be concerned for their safety and […]

Complaint form for non-compliance with covid-19 executive orders

The Department of Economic Development has a complaint form for non-compliance with executive orders pertaining to covid-19. (The Town of Sedgwick does not have the authority to enforce the governor’s covid-19 executive orders.) Click here for complaint form: non-compliance complaint

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Hunting laws available online

Stay current with the laws and rules. It’s simple, just visit mefishwildlife.com/laws MDIFW’s summary guides make it easy to find and follow the laws and rules that apply to you. Our digital formats allow you to quickly check a law, confirm legal hunting hours, look up best practices, and more. Anywhere, anytime. ——————————————————————————– No cell […]

Info from elected officials

2018 letter from Governor Paul LePage 2018 letter from Senator Angus King 2018 letter from Senator Louis Luchini 2018 letter from Senator Susan Collins 2018 letter from Representative Sarah Pebworth 2020 letter from Senator Louis Luchini

Senior Coffeehouse


Dog Licenses

2020 dog licenses will be available from the clerk after 10/15. By state law, all dogs over 6 months of age must be licensed. Clerk’s hours are Wednesday, 1 to 6 p.m, and Thursday, 1 to 7, or any other time at 339 Graytown road, or by calling the clerk, 359-2275 or 326-9012 or 610-0585, to make […]

Family First Community Center

A Transitional House for Homeless Families with Minor Children Weekly Facebook Auctions and more!

MaineDOT Projects

The MaineDOT has published its Work Plan for upcoming projects across Maine. Search for specific projects in Sedgwick through the “interactive work plan” link at MaineDOT Work Plan